The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas season is fast approaching – with only 4 months left until December! As Andy Williams’ holiday hit song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”. The perfect opportunity for you to reconnect and spend time with your family and friends. Children in particular, eagerly await for Christmas throughout the year because of the presents and the fun-filled activities. I have always been fond of this festive holiday since I was a kid. For instance, my siblings and I would wake up early on Christmas day to open up presents under the Christmas tree. Of course, we were tricked into thinking that Santa gave them to us. Looking back, I could not help but smile when I thought of our childhood innocence and naivety. Watching kids get excited over the presents on Christmas does relive lively childhood memories. Although we are past that age, Santa Claus still remains as a legendary Christmas character for me and would probably continue to be significant (to other children out there) for many years to come.

Celebrated Globally

This joyous feast is celebrated universally whether they are Christians or not. It is interesting to see how different cultures celebrate this jolly occasion. For some countries, Christmas is the most anticipated holiday. In the Philippines, they would start counting down the days ‘til Christmas as early as September. By December, streets and houses would be illuminated by colorful lights and the brightly-lit star lantern (also known as the ‘parol’). Compared to the usual get-together for Christmas, the celebration in Japan is quite unique. Many residents would order KFC for their Christmas dinner as opposed to having a big feast. As much as we’d all like to have a ‘white Christmas’, not everyone is lucky to experience it – unfortunately. In Australia, people would enjoy their day by the beach as Christmas season falls during summer time. People in the land down under would have a barbecue or as they call it, cooking on the ‘barbie’. Although not everyone experiences snowy days in December, Christmas still feels special for a lot of people all over the globe.

Putting up a Christmas Tree

The most straightforward way to celebrate Christmas is to put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with various ornaments. This evergreen tree is a holiday symbol and a fun way to bond with family. You can also play with a different theme each year – switching from red and green, to blue and silver, and/or red and gold (and so on). To add glimmer to the silhouette, embellish it with shiny Christmas ornaments. Christmas lights are wrapped around the tree in a downward spiral. As a final touch of decor, the star is gently placed on top of the tree. Presents are then placed strategically under the tree.

Gift Giving

Giving and receiving gifts is ultimately the best way to get into the Christmas festivities. This exchange of presents is the most awaited moment by many and strengthens relationship ties with your loved ones. A common issue most of us face is not knowing what to give them. Remember, gift giving does not have to be materialistic – a sentimental gift is always appreciated. A personalized gift like a Santa letter is perfect for kids as it makes Christmas feel extra special for them. Children all around the world would write letters to Santa for what they wish to get for Christmas. Imagine the joy they would feel if they received a letter from Santa personally addressed to them. As a kid who once believed in Santa, I know I would be ecstatic knowing I got a response back from him. In essence, getting your friends and families meaningful gifts would certainly make their day.

Playing Christmas Songs

The Christmas spirit is not complete without listening to familiar holiday tunes. It is one of the most effective ways to feel the holiday vibe drawing closer. One could not help but get immersed in the music as Christmas carols invoke warmth and happiness. Since songs and memories are closely linked, we can also feel a sense of nostalgia. Hearing the songs over the years from childhood explains why a lot of people feel positive emotions when listening to the holiday bops.

In summary

Christmas is always a magical time. No matter where you are, Christmas is about love, joy and peace. Personally, the atmosphere during Christmas is incomparable. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. In a way, it sort of takes our minds off from all the negative things happening in the world (at least for a little while). Last year’s Christmas was way different and more subdued because of the pandemic. It made a lot of people realize the true value of Christmas minus the material things – just being with your family. Being safe and healthy was enough to end 2020.