Power to Control Light and Noise

Pre-covid, the world outside was exciting and there was always something to do. Then came the lockdowns. For some, it was unbearable not to be able to go out. For others, it was great to be away from the madness outside.

Say goodbye to long hours on public transport and long queues. With work-from-home becoming more common, more hours have been spent at home during these times than the years before.

You may be lucky enough to have great neighbours, but you still want to walk around in your pyjamas and bedhead without having to worry that anyone is looking. These days, with blackout window shades, you can easily keep your windows ajar for some fresh air and then still keep your private life to yourself when you need it.

Privacy is Freedom

It is not just about privacy, the freedom to be as messy or as neat in your home as you want. It is also about choosing what you share about your home and your life. When you are having a zoom meeting or shopping online, you really don’t want the neighborhood to know about it unless you are the one telling them.

The simple act of blacking out your windows also reduces noise and light pollution for you. If you decide that you would like to play the music a little louder that evening, you can. If you have

been working long hours and need a little more sleep than the sun would allow, you can. It is a simple system that lets you control how much light you would like to have at any time of the day. When it is summer and the days are too long and bright, it is a relief to come home to a cooler house. In winter, it helps to keep the house cosy and the heat in.

The best thing is that you can still see what is happening outside, when you have to watch over your kids or pets in the garden, or just observe what is happening on the streets outside. Some smart blackout windows actually have a transition effect, where it gets darker when it is bright and lets more light in when the night falls. So, you won’t end up the way psychos are portrayed in the movies, people who live in dark rooms with blackout windows. There will still be light coming in, moderated to be comfortable and pleasant.

Save and Stay Safe

When my partner and I moved into our new place, we had a lovely side door that looked right up the stairs. It was a full panel of glass, which meant anyone walking on the street could look in and see us going up and down the stairs. It was especially inconvenient when we had to get up in the middle of the night or early morning to tend to our cats, because we would still be in various stages of sleep. So, we got the entire glass door treated with proper window coverings. Now, it is such a relief to be able to go up and down the stairs and not worry that people walking by would see us in our sleepwear. It was the best decision we ever made.

Another advantage that came with the treated glass was that it kept the house cool. We did not expect that the insulation would work so well, but it did. In winter, it kept the house warmer and, in summer, it was definitely a big help in keeping the house cooler. We realized that it actually reduced our utilities bill as well! It cost less and we used less energy to keep the house warm. That was definitely a big plus.

We also realized that the smart blackout treatment made our side door thicker, which is why it helped with the noise and light pollution, and that also made it safer as well. I have a slight paranoia about home invasions, so the setup actually made me feel so much better in more ways than one.

Making the Right Choice

These days, there are so many designs and patterns to choose from, that you really are spoilt for choice. We decided on a shade and glass treatment over curtains because it was less obtrusive and much easier to clean. Curtains would have proven to be challenging in the washing machine because it would have been rather large and heavy. Besides choosing a pattern that suited our house and design scheme, we also had a choice in the amount of light that we wanted blocked.

There were also different systems in which the shades came in: roller, roman, cordless, corded and motorized. And we found the best one that suited us, bearing in mind that we have cats who like scratching!