Is Pay-Per-Click Still Worth It in 2022?

Some people say that digital marketing is all about SEO and organic traffic these days. ‘Ads are so last year,’ and so on. The truth is, various digital marketing strategies are useful for different reasons. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising may not be great at increasing long-term traffic but it can have a host of advantages over organic-focused strategies.

1. Immediate Results

The most significant advantage that PPC has over SEO (search engine optimization) is the time that it takes to produce results. It can take months before SEO delivers increased traffic while Google Ads can start sending you new clicks within minutes of your ad submission. If you have limited edition promotions or just want results fast, PPC is the best choice.

2. Level the Playing Field

Your competitors may be much more established than you in the digital realm. They may have already spent a lot of time and money improving their SEO and edging towards the top spot on Google’s search engine result pages. By purchasing PPC ad space, you can appear above their listings in a matter of seconds and get the visibility you need to succeed.

3. A Clear Budget

Google PPC is a cost-effective advertising model. Regardless of how much you bid, you only need to pay if a user clicks on the ad. Therefore, you are in control of how much value to attribute to each new lead. If you think that a click is worth $10, simply set a corresponding price on your ad bid, and rest assured that your PPC campaign cost-per-click will never exceed its budget.

4. Audience Targeting

Unlike SEO, Google Ads allow you to have targeted control over your advertising audience. From age and location to interests and hobbies, you can laser focus your advertising on people who are most likely to spend on your products or services. Knowing your ideal audience will also help you to write the perfect copy that will encourage them to click and convert.

5. Insightful Analytics

The Google Ads system is built on a robust foundation of data and insights. You can easily analyze your keyword search volume, click-through rate, ad position ranking, viewer demographics, and more. You can even do A/B testing to see which ad format works better. This insight allows you to keep finetuning your campaign to improve results and achieve maximum ROI.

6. Scale Anytime

As your brand grows, you want your digital marketing strategy to scale up with it. With PPC ads, your marketing potential is virtually unlimited. If you are ready for more customers, you can simply add a new keyword campaign or increase your daily budget. The same goes for scaling down. To cut back on advertising, you just have to adjust your PPC budget.

Google PPC: How It Works

So how does PPC work exactly? The process begins with a user starting a search on Google. Google checks its advertiser database for ads that target those specific keywords. If there is only one advertiser for the given keywords, Google will display their ad on top of the search results.

More often than not, there will be multiple advertisers bidding for the same keywords. In this case, Google will try to figure out which ads are most relevant for its search user. The more relevant the ad, the higher its placement. This decision may seem complex but it is made in a nanosecond.

When you set up your Google ad, you can input a maximum bid for your ad. This is the highest price that you will pay to have your ad displayed during a single search. When deciding on ad placement, Google considers your maximum bid. However, price is not the only determining factor.

Your quality score is another important factor in how high your ads place. Google rates your ad on a scale of 1 to 10 based on your keyword relevancy, ad text relevancy, landing page quality, click-through rate, and more. This ensures that their users get the most valuable results.

You may think that paying more will guarantee you a better spot, but Google will often choose a quality ad over a pricy one. Therefore, you must focus on coming up with great ad copy and creating a landing page that will give search users—who are your potential clients—what they seek.

Better yet, hire an agency that specializes in PPC management services to help you to design a winning strategy from start to finish. Professional digital marketing agencies can help you to research winning keywords, write compelling ad copy, and make landing pages that convert like crazy.

Billions of people use Google to search for products and services daily. With so many benefits to PPC advertising, can your brand afford to give it a miss? PPC is more than just paying for ads. A powerful digital marketing agency will be able to supercharge your PPC advertising campaigns to not only maximize lead generation but also to convert leads into paying customers.

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