How to Get the Street Style Look

A look crafted on the streets rather than in fashion studios, street style is all about individualism, comfort and looking fantastic. While the street styles that are trending at any one moment in time change and evolve, there are certain hallmarks of street style that remain the same. Here’s how to get the street style look.

While many people love to see the catwalk shows and the latest inventions of the greatest minds in fashion, that is not all there is to the fashion world. Part of the very essence of fashion is wearing clothes in an individual way, and being the master of your own look. This is how street styles emerged. Rather than dutifully wearing the latest clothes on the racks in the stores, people craft and curate their own specific style.

Since personally curated fashion is usually seen on people as they walk along the street, this is how the term ‘street style’ emerged. Some call it ‘grassroots streetwear’, and some also say that it is based on youth culture. That’s not to say that street style is just for young people. One of the wonderful things about the idea of street style is that it can be interpreted by individuals of any age.

Street styles are also different depending on the country of the world you are looking at. This adds another layer of interest, as individuals gain inspiration from various countries, creating constantly evolving street styles everywhere in the world. Many big designers actually look towards these trends from the streets to feed into their new collections and catwalk shows.

So how can you create your own street style look? Here are some of the building blocks of street style you need to know about.

Sport Clothing

What people wear when they are out on the streets is at least partially driven by comfort. Although people can and do go for a dressier look on the streets, the heart of street style is more about how you look when you are going about your everyday business. This is where the use of sports wear has expanded well beyond being used solely in sports. Thus incorporating some items of sport clothing into your street style look is a must.

The first item of clothing in this theme is a pair of sneakers. Since sneakers come in so many forms, there is a pair to suit any style. For street style with a little wow factor, it is often a good idea to look for international inspiration and ideas from fashion designers, such as Balenciaga sneakers (кроссовки balenciaga). This can create both comfort and a stylish look. Other useful items of sport clothing for a street style look can be tank t-shirts, sport jackets and leggings by brands that cross the sport-fashion boundaries.


Since street style often means including at least some elements of practical and comfortable clothing, accessories become important to help make an outfit a little more striking. Oversized sunglasses, bold headbands and a good-looking bag can all fit into a good street style category. This is because they are all practical, but have the ability to incorporate different styles and interpretations of high fashion, if that is the look you want to go for. A hat is another great street style accessory – and a timeless one at that. Whether it’s a baseball cap, a bobble hat or something a little more unusual, this is something that will give you a particular image on the street that will help you stand out.

Get A Jacket

Since the definition of street wear is what you wear when you are out and about, you will usually need a jacket or coat with you, depending on the weather and climate you are in. A jacket is an opportunity to make a statement and dress up otherwise nondescript clothing. A colorful jacket, or something that is unconventional or surprising against what you are wearing underneath is a good way to capture the spirit of street style. Denim jackets are often popular in street style looks, so another option is to find your idea of a perfect denim jacket. You could even consider personalizing it with some patchwork, embroidery or iron-on logos. Try out different jackets with various combinations of clothing to see just how different a jacket can make a whole outfit look.

One Focal Point

A key way to transform your street wear into an outfit that embodies street style is to think about a focal point for your outfit. This is what changes it from everyday clothing into something the fashion community appreciates. Accessories are a great way to do this, but also think about the individual items of clothing that make up your outfit. Perhaps a pair of checked trousers should replace your denim jeans, or alternatively, a statement-making sweater could give your entire outfit a street style makeover.

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